How to Control Your Thoughts in Business

Choose your perspective

Free your mind to create and produce.   This episode is a little different. Imed & Matt respond to self-reflection questions from each chapter from a business perspective and answer them as openly as possible.

Awareness :

- Are you able to observe your thoughts as they randomly enter your mind?

- What fearful thoughts have you had that turned out to be untrue or worries that did not come to pass?

Acceptance and Action :

- Where in your life can you let go and accept circumstances by seeing them in a different way?

Positivity :

- How do you handle criticism or disagreement? Productivity :

- What are you obsessed with? - What distracts you the most?

Patience :

- Do you compare your pace of living and achieving goals to others? If so, why?

Creativity :

- Is there someone in your life who will argue with you to make you see other sides of an idea or issue?

Empathy And Gratitude :

- How do you practice empathy and gratitude?

Summary & Notes of The Book

Notes Available On Notion: Access Here

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